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Home + Haven Homeschool Network

Home+Haven Homeschool Network

Join our homeschooling mama community for encouragement, support and fellowship!

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Welcome to Home+Haven Homeschool Network!

Welcome to the Home+Haven Homeschool Network! 2020 was one for the books and we are pretty sure everyone is ready for a fresh start!
Many of you found yourselves homeschooling for the first time, many of you found yourselves craving homeschooling community (both online and in person) and many of you found yourselves wanting to get off of traditional social media.
We are excited to be able to offer a platform that isn't connected to Facebook or Instagram. On this new platform you will ONLY see posts and interactions within the Homeschool Network.
Numbers and algorithms are not a part of this new network. It will truly be a homeschooling community where you can come and be welcomed with open arms. You'll be able to meet mamas online AND you'll also be able to find homeschooling mamas that are local to you.
We are so excited to jump into a new year with you!
Cheers to supporting one another as we work hard to educate our children!

What to Expect

We are GIDDY about this new platform! If you find yourself:
+ wanting to hear reviews on homeschool curriculum
+ wanting to find like-minded homeschooling mamas
+ having questions about homeschooling but don't know who to ask
+ craving homeschool community
+ wanting to find other local mamas in your area

And more! THIS HOMESCHOOL COMMUNITY IS FOR YOU! This is a safe place where you can have private homeschooling conversations with other mamas who are on the same journey.

About the new Network!

We have many exciting things planned for this private homeschool community!  A few details about this new platform:
+ This community is OURS. Which means you'll be able to see what is posted without worrying about algorithms. Another favorite part of this community is there are not any numbers next to your name. This isn't a popularity contest. It is a true community where you can get to know other homeschooling mamas without the noise of traditional social media.
+ Within this community you'll be able to see new posts regarding homeschooling, chat with other members (both on the main forums but also in private messaging), discuss curriculum and more!
+ You'll be able to meet other homeschool mamas who are near you (we are very excited about this feature!), who fall into the same categories, or who care about the same topics.
+ We have several Topics already set up (curriculum discussion groups, teaching reading, homeschool laws in your state, special needs students and more). But we are excited to add MORE Topics once YOU are in the groups! If there is a Topic that you would love to be covered, just let us know and we will add it! This is YOUR community! You are able to click on a Topic and join the conversation right in that section.
+ Throughout the year we will have special speakers, events and classes taking place within our community. 2021 is going to be a wonderful year and we are so excited to get to know you better!

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